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Heart Betrayal

Is it true that humans have no control over their hearts? Do you really believe that if you love a person then you won't be able to "stop" loving that person by your own choice? How do my heart and mind work together- let alone talk together?!

My closest friend has been in love for 4 years now with a guy that is so not one bit her type. She wears nikab (the veil that covers the face), prays, memorizes Quraan... etc. He, on the other hand, smokes, enjoys watching naked women (which she found out by coincidence) he doesn't pray, fails in college, hates the veil, dreams to go dancing classes with his wife (which is fun lol but not possible with a wife that wears nikab)... so after 4 years of promising her to propose, he called her and ended everything.

to be continued...asap

El hob is blind indeed! Welcome to the bogsphere.

thank you twosret:)
She's driving me crazy! Looks like it really is blind... Allah ye7my our hearts from this!!

Great blog Jannah! Interesting question...I think that the heart can fall in love and there's little the mind can do about it....but at some point the mind has to take over. It is a difficult process though because your heart is telling you one thing and your mind/conscience/brain/common sense is pulling in the opposite direction.

Hope your friend's situation gets sorted out, keep us updated mashy?

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