Sunday, January 28, 2007

Those things you don't know about me

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Five things you DON'T know about me:
Here they are :)

1- I wear a long hijab. Some are colored & designed, some aren't, depending on how they match the outfit. I started wearing them like over a year ago... and I've loved them ever since elhamdullelah!!

2- I have a dimple on just one cheek. Haha.

3- I'm Half Palestinian. Never been there. Nor can I speak their accent, yet every time a pure Egyptian hears my pure Egyptian accent (well that's what I thought), they go like , " Are you Shameyya? Umm... you look and sound like one." My accent didn't turn out as wholy Egyptian as I thought nope.

4- Ok this one's a secret... I slide on stairway bars when there's no one around at college! Weeeeeeeee!! Never been caught! Rabena Yostor!

5- And this is quite recent; I fainted last wednesday!

Them victims:
Salateeno is getting married (pray for him), so he won't take this one.
Enny Rahela
Hechkok, Oops I'm late, he's already been tagged!
Fadfadation, ( a break amidst his political views)
and her sister: SempliceMente90

Thank you Greyscale!

Friday, January 12, 2007

...Of Dreams Yet to Come True

I dream to see the poverty in my country diminish every day. To see young men able to get married & not get left out due to their financial status.

I dream to see policemen in my country treat us like humans... citizens. Treat me like their sister, & men like their brothers.

I dream to see the young educated rich guys who do drugs every night on the side of my street quit wasting time & start writing down their own dreams.

I dream to see taxi drivers stop swearing at girls just to get an extra pound.

I dream to see men look at women as human beings with intellectual minds & not just "pretty delicate little things".

I dream to see the public bus driver not speed his vehicle at the moment an old woman is trying to climb in, letting her fall off, & get left behind.

I dream to see the people of my street pray fajr prayer at the empty mosque nearby.

I dream to one day go vote for a Leader that I would read about, respect and choose.

I dream to see religious people apply Islam like it truly deserves... with their hearts, minds & souls.

I dream to eat bread made of wheat of my own land, watered by my own river Nile.

I dream to walk my future children through the country and tell them, " Once, long ago, when your mother was young; prices were high, people were poor & every street was traffic jammed... but now thank God, everything is fine... and you'll live yet to see better days."

Will come back soon inshAllah for more dreams yet to come true... Till then, dream along with me, won't you?

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  • I'm Jannah
  • From Cairo, Egypt
  • If I am as honest as I know how to be, I may discover here as I write, day after day, something in myself, something of my own nature... that I might otherwise not be aware of...
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