Saturday, March 03, 2007

Problems disappearing

There's something weird about this blog. No seriously! Whenever I write something here, an issue that's on my mind, or something that's bothering me, after a few days it gets solved. It's like that someone somewhere who reads, connects and prays for me, makes a difference. A real difference, subhan Allah! I've sensed it, more than once, that when I write here, things get better afterwards elhamdullellah... Although we're all complete strangers, but our hearts are connected by Allah...

Our hopes for eachother cross our ever strange bridges... It's amazing, I think of it like Allah's miracle... when I get affected by certain bloggers, get upset when they're down, and get happy when they're doing fine... then I pray for them, knowing they cannot hear me, they don't know anything, but Allah SWT hears, Allah knows.

I remember, when one of the bloggers got a new job, I was thrilled, excited, wishing him all the best. Or when another one went to Hajj this year and came back with a different spirit, I was so happy and couldn't hide it. When a blogger's husband lied to her about things, and didn't tell her about his other wife, she wrote, I was hurt, I wanted to hug her, and tell her screw him, I couldn't bare reading how hurt she was, she is now at peace with her herself (hopefully), I am too. Another blogger who is engaged, writes alot about his lovely feelings with his fiance, I'm always pleased at his blog, wishing him a happy life. And another who has just got married, I was happy too, and prayed for him.

- Those having exams, may they pass with flying colors.
- Those hunting for jobs, may they find an even better option that what they were looking for.
- Those depressed, may their depression get lifted off their chest & their smile returned to it's place :)
- Those confused, ,may their confusion end.
-Those wishing for true love, may they find it.
-Those needing money, may Allah SWT open all the doors that will help them live comfortably.
- Those waiting, may their waiting stop.
-Those wishing for children, may Allah bless them with children.
-Those who have children, may they live to see them the happiest.
it goes on & on & on... it never ends... that connection :)

I wrote this post to thank you all... every reader, and every blogger I visit... for the difference you have made to me... you may choose to share, or you may not... but the connection remains.

C ya soon, everyone!

Lots of love,
Assalam alaykum

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