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Egyptian Humor?

I am an Egyptian and I’m tired…I’m tired of my eyes who spill tears everytime they see something of that sort.

The Egyptian nature I have inherited along with everyone here is exhausting us emotionally!! We can’t pass by things and say : wana maly (It’s none of my business)… We don’t believe in the words: Mafish fayda (It’s no use), and its driving us mad trying, trying and again, trying!

People here are very merry most of the time… I used to think that laughing would be hard with all the pain inside, but with time I have learned to do the same… smile and laugh amidst everything and make fun of the pain just for the sport of it haha. (I’m laughing at myself now lol)…The most recent thing that cracked me up were the ikhwan’s (MB) behaviour in jail. About 20 young men were off on a holiday in a camp somewhere near the desert. Immediately, they got arrested with the accusation of weapon training. 20 men in shorts and hawaiian shirts were thrown in jail and the first thing they said to eachother was that they managed to hide lots of sweets and candies in their pockets so they’d eat em in jail!!! They then started funnily fighting over the candies… some holiday ruined huh!That really got me… I never thought our humor was so deep!

Humour is what keeps us going Jannah - without it, Egypt would be a much more difficult place in which to live.

Warmth and a smile...that's what makes Egyptians what they are ;)

Yes... smiles and laughs plus hope in Allah are probably the main things making every day here in Egypt bearable to live, work, study , love and move on in.

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