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You were late!

Here is what we've all seen on the news yesterday.

"A loud crash awoke me. One of the trains
had derailed and people were scattered on the floor. I called the authorities
and they told me I was crazy," said Osama Abdul Haleem, who lives near the crash

What didn't surprise me was the fact that ambulances arrived one hour later to start saving the survivers, injured or extract the dead.

That reminds me of 4 years ago, 20 Feb. 2002, when my home burnt down to ashes in 45 minutes. It was initially a kitchen fire that moved on to the whole house. If by some miracle, the firemen would have arrived before an hour and a half late, it could have just been the kitchen lost. But NO that does not happen here. So when they finally arrived, the house was already in ashes, the fire was bigger than ever sub7an Allah.

Wait there's still a funny part to come... on recalling it after the incident I couldn't help but crack up! Okay, so the "heroes" arrived YAAAAAAAAY

No WAIT! My heroes were just 3 men.

Hero number 1: 60+ brave man who choked on the entrance of the building and passed out. I hear you wondering where'd the masks go? they didn't get any.

Hero number 2 & 3: Young men who managed to get up the building stairs but freaked out when they saw the scene and came running down...

So that was it, bye bye my heroes who came to rescue our home.

It ended up that the 2 men who DID put off the fire were our 2 personal drivers. Although there was not one bit left except for ashes, they still managed to save the whole building from catching the flame Hamdulellah. Btw they used the hoses that came with the firetruck and the real firefighters stood next to us and watched!

Seriously? A disaster like this and it took an hour for help to arrive for these poor people on the train? Unbelievable. Terrible. Unexcusable. What sort of system is that? How many people died and were injured? I've not been following the news.

I can't believe your house was on fire and it took so long for firefighters to arrive, and then only three. I'm sorry you lost your home. I cannot imagine. I live only two minutes from the nearest fire station and five from the police headquarters, thankfully. Even if I did not, I am certain help would arrive in mere minutes. The US has many problems but for the most part our emergency system is pretty good.

By the way, I am back but don't tell anybody....I'm still hiding a bit longer.

Welcome back Jane :) Hide all the time u want lol, when you're ready, we're here.

163 got injured and 65 killed.

You'll find a report here about the accident:

About my home, YES, it was such a difficult incident at the time. For days I'd sleep and dream of fire, wake up to the choking smell of it. Thank God, we're back now to that same home, rebuilt, refurnished and much more beautiful than it was before lol

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