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When couples SMILE

Scene 1:

A young couple, both under 25, with a cute baby in the mother's arms.
After 5 quiet minutes, baby screams and mommy blushes, makes a move to stand up and take baby outside but Daddy pulls her back gently, -smiles to her-, takes baby from her and goes to the building hallway to quiet down baby.
After 15 minutes of success, baby screams again. Daddy, looks at Mommy to assure her that it's okay. Mommy smiles back at daddy. Daddy goes with baby again to hallway and stays there for the rest of my time there.
Daddy in Hallway: Talking to the baby, tickling baby, stroking baby, and finally baby falls asleep in Daddy's arms.

I look at my sister and tell her: I just met the best Daddy ever.

Scene 2:

I am transferred to another waiting room. An OLD couple show up. Both over 70. First, each one sits in the nearest chair, not next to eachother. Grandma speaks to Grandpa (very gently) saying: Ma teegy to3od ganby hena? (Why don't you come sit here next to me?) giving him a beautiful smile and patting the empty seat next to her. Yes she's 70 and yes her smile is lovely! He comes straight away.
After a while they are called to enter another room. She's walking ahead of him, he's closely behind her with his hand on her waist.

They leave and I stay behind drowned in my thoughts if this love spark I saw between a very old couple is true or was I dreaming? I smile in public, looking silly and people around me give me this are-you-some-wacko look.

Still, those 2 both young and old couple have made my day!

I tend to try and look for live and humane interactions between human beings all the time when I'm outside my apartment....

I end up looking silly too... totally worth it though, huh. :)

Thanks for sharing that.

my eyes are watery...
i always thought scene 2 is almost impossible..

Yea it's always worth it.

I never believed it either, until I saw it with my own eyes.

You reminded me of a similar scene I witnessed. Bout two years ago while I was waiting in the car in a very silent street (had a job interview and was too early) I saw a very old couple walking the street, hand in hand, and very sloooowwwwwwlyyyy … .
It was one of the most beautiful scenes I ever witnessed in life, and I think I will never forget. I could do nothing but smile and let joy and hope fill my heart, wish from god a similar fate.

what a lovely scene...Holding hands and walking slowly? This is too good to be true! I do hope you'd live to reach this beautiful scene you once saw as a young man :) Beautiful mashAllah

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