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My Scribbling Blog

The Scribbles above are very much similar to what I have inside my head. The dark bits are probably my memories, I'm always having difficulty remembering certain things no matter how simple or recent they are. Then come the blue shades, green, and purple (I love purple), where they reflect my present which is mixed with mystery, self-discovery, hard work, ignorance, happiness, education, struggles, denials, observation, brooding... & lots more.

I look at the yellow, orange and red and think of my future. Seeing love , peace, passion, knowledge, work... hopefully a bright future- I tell myself.

The black and white strips would be other people who come across me every day, I do think of them as well.

I noticed there are things scribbled over others as if trying to hide or cover their darkness, that would be my positive thoughts battling with my negative ones all the way in there, sometimes the positives would win and my face would shine, while at other times my confusion, worry and fear would show alarming any mirror I'd look in.

My Blog, will show lots of what is going on inside of me. I will pour in. Be it weakness, strength, hope, happiness I will scribble it here once and forget all about it afterwards. The post could go to the place where many other things have went- it's somewhere in my brain where I forget things, I'll write more about my memory sometime later. However, I do hope I wouldn't forget so easily so maybe writing things down might help.

I will not promise to stick to one topic, one event, or one person- to my unorganized self that would be impossible... but along side my thoughts & self discussions, I do promise to stick to one country at most times and that would be Egypt.

Although I am using the word "you" here alot as if addressing someone in specific but I'm not. I am speaking loudly to myself, yes and of course any reader who would happen to pass by here and think of giving this blog any of his/her precious time.

This should have been my first post but as you'll discover later, I do have trouble with order.

I have a lot to catch up on. Love the colors :)

yea strong ones this time. wondered about you, hope ur fine!

well......we are waiting :)

i want to tell you something ...i was expecting that i will find you wrote about this " We Are All Layla" subject which invaded all the blogs...

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  • I'm Jannah
  • From Cairo, Egypt
  • If I am as honest as I know how to be, I may discover here as I write, day after day, something in myself, something of my own nature... that I might otherwise not be aware of...
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