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It's amazing how my family are being so supportive. Daddy, for the first time ever swopped beds with me so that I'd sleep with Mama in the same bed. I was so surprised!

I keep telling my mom: kol el tool da msh 3agbek? (meaning: aren't I old enough to take care of myself?)
she goes like: law sha3rek ebyad, you're still my baby! (even if your hair goes white, you're still my baby)
I sigh, feeling both embarrassed & happy.

Everyday, dad would call from work: Nemty kwys ya noor 3eny? (Have you slept well, dear?)
That's because I haven't been sleeping at all. My first 6 hour sleep since, was yesterday. Of course I do wake up every half an hour, but at least I'm asleep. I have dreamt a little...but thank God, not a nightmare. Those also were the reason why I would flee from bed.

Mona would call every day.
" Ha ya gameela, 7assa nafsek a7san?" (huh sweety, do you feel better?)
Me: Yes, 7amdellah a7san. (Yes, Thank God, better.)

A. my friend with the awefully matched ex-love story (The one in Heart betrayal) would call with her cheery voice and religious sense of humour.
A: Ya benty danty ya bakhtek! 7ad yetool rabena yo2roso 3shan y2arrab menno? (Girl lucky you!, who would dream to go through a crisis and get closer to Allah? -she's seeing it as a lovely opportunity and envies me at what I'm going through)
Me>>> laugh at how she looks at things sometimes.
Me: mashy ya stty, ed3eely enty bas. (okay, just pray for me)
A: ad3eelek eh bas... danty elly ted3eeeely! enty do3a2ek mostagab dlwa2ty w di forsa ma tet3awadsh. bossy, ed3eely rabena yehdy A. (the loser she loves), w ykhaleeh goozy okay?. (too long to translate, but she's asking me to pray for her coz I'm closer at the moment, so she wants me to pray for her to become the wife of A. and that he would become a responsible man like he once was.)
Me: Berengana tany ya A.? (Again this topic!, I call him "berengana" by the way.)
A.: tany we talet a3mel eh y3ny. (again and again. what am I to do?- meaning she can't help it)
Me: 3ndan feeky, had3eelek rabena yorzo2ek bwa7ed ebn nas, mo7taram w beyenga7. ( I'll pray that God would get you a respectful husband, who actually succeeds in college!)

... and the conversation goes on, and ends with me feeling much stronger and happier. She's a pro at that.

M. (the one who wants to propose), doesn't know anything. but he calls too.
M: msh 3aref ya M.(my name), ana 7ases fi 7aga, 2alby ma2bood. fi 7aga? (I don't know , i feel there's something wrong. is there?)

PAUSE>>> He always does that! He always "feels" things without seeing or hearing anything. He says it's coz hearts have no barriers between them, so that even if he is away and not in my life, yet he does feel things I go through. and that he can't help it so I should quit getting surprised every time it happens.


Me: la mafish el7amdollah. (no there's nothing)
M: Mama kwysa? (Mom is good? he calls my mother Mama, as do husbands here call their mother in law. )
Me: ah kwysa. (yea, good.)
M: yemken e7sas w khalas. inshAllah hayroo7. (maybe it's just a feeling. it'll go).
He talks about his job a little.
M: matenseneesh mn sale7 do3aky. (don't forget me from your prayers)
Me: 7ader, wala enta. (okay, remember me in ur prayers too)
M: howa fi 7ad yensa "nafso" mn do3a2o? (how could someone forget one's self from his prayers.- He's calling me "nafso". meaning, how could he forget his self referring to ME from his prayers. so now I know how do religious guys flirt.)
Me: (pretending I didn't hear.) salamo 3alekom. (assalamu alaykom.)
M: wa 3aleky elsalam ya M. (my name).

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