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So Fast?

I'm posting to record from now and always my absolute thanks and gratitude to Allah. I prayed so hard for 7 days only and what usually gets resolved in months sometimes years got resolved in 7 days in my case!

A few days ago, I was getting frantic, tired but still hopeful. My whole soul was dedicated to one thing; asking God to help me. I was scared yes, I must admit. So scared that my stomach was clutched so tight I couldn't eat a thing. So scared I couldn't even sleep at night from my hurting fearful clutched tummy. Lost 10 pounds in just the past week!

But nothing is far from Allah's reach... nothing beyond His power. I only had to learn that the hard way. I tried to be patient, and told myself time & time again that it's okay, everything will be fine in the right time.

I have come out of this with a few lessons:

1- It doesn't matter what the world does to me as long as I'm praying & asking Allah all what I want.

2- To forgive the person who caused all this to me, (I don't know who it is exactly but I have forgiven him/her already).

3- Here the test will continue, will I continue the closeness that I was in the past week? or because Allah answered by prayers then I'll go back to my usual indifferent self?

4- That I do not deserve to get my prayers answered in such a miraculously fast period, but rather it is Allah who has said in the Quraan that He answers to ALL even if they are sinners like me, but as long as they do duaa they will have what they have asked... subhan Allah!

In a nutshell, I'm overwhelmed with this feeling of peace that is so new to me. A new kind of "peace". A sureness that every crisis we may face at different times of life is only to give us a chance to stop and think about our life, where we've been and where do we intend to go.

I have never lost hope, didn't lose it then and will never inshAllah ever ever lose my hope when anything stands in my way.

Finally, Thank you all for your prayers...Twosret, Roora, Doshar, Dallula, Safiya and anyone else who prayed for me... may God protect you all from any harm.
Gazakom Allah khayran.

:):):) YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! (umm... I had to let that out haha)

الحمد لله، الله يحفظك وينفع بك الإسلام والمسلمين. آميييييييييين

glad everything is ok.. is n't Allah so karim? maybe this crisis was here to get to know how generous and close He is. and is this not the biggest reward of all?

so happy for you jannah
and may you alaways live as blessed :)

I am happy for you,and wish you all the happyness.Did pray for you He!He!He!. Allah is mercyfull
Wish you well

Wonderful blog Jannah,
Wonderful lessons dear and very nice blog.

Thank you so much, I'm feeling very much delighted elhamdullah.

Salim thanks for your lovely duaa may we all be a benefit to everyone inshallah.

Doshar, yes, SO TRUE! What bigger reward would one ask for?

Lasto-adri, Zing Trial, Nesrina thank you and may I see you all happy always inshAllah.


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