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Love, Fear & the Unknown

O' Lord, My God, Who has created my heart, my mind and all that's mine
Who has answered all my prayers before... I ask you, and only you for my deepest wishes and desires.
I am afraid of love, of giving my heart and soul
I'm afraid of the pain, the need, the always wanting more!
I'm afraid of hurt, of tears, of a dream not being fulfilled.
I'm afraid of my fantasy getting crashed by reality.
I'm afraid of not being what he thinks I will be.
If my self is not good enough, then who will I ever be?

O' Allah, if he'll be good to me, my heart, my thoughts, and my whole being
If he'll love me like he does now and as the years go by he'll love me more
If he will help me endure living in this rough world
If he will take my hand to heaven
If he will encourage me to fulfill my dreams
and reach my goals...
If he with his presence all the doors of faith, patience, knowledge and respect will open...

O' Allah... If he will be all what I wished for in all my dreams,or a little more or a little less, then make it easier for us to be together.
For you know what has been, and what will be, and I do not. You know if in 30 years I will regret or will be content, and I do not. I have no strength to choose because I don't know the future, it's only in your hands, so help me.

If in 30 years or more, I will regret seeing him and being with him, then close every door that will lead me to him and let me not see his face or dream of him. O'Allah, you hold the keys to my heart and to his, if I will not be good to him till I die, let him not love me any more and let him forget me and bless us both with whatever good destiny you have chosen for us.

heyy.....congratulation on your new layout .. realy nice one ... but it does not show any scribbles ... does it ?!!


yes no scribbles! I liked this one coz its a contrast of 2 colors rather than just one pink color like before.

But still looking for something messy and scribbly !

Jannah..mabrook the new layout..really nice although I expect it won't last for a long time..u tend to change the look frequently..I'm also Glad u changed the font size..I was having some difficulties reading the previous one..yalla a brand new start ma3a bedayet elderasa

enny ra7ela, how was your first day??? Tell us about it when you can dear.

Yes, I do change it frequently don't know why. Is it may be something psychological? I have no idea. Anyways, I hope I don't change it coz I'm quite comfortable with it at the moment.

A very touchy blogg , i was touched by what you wrote very much , I wish you luck and Love never brings fear in the contrary it brings a wonderful feeling of security you just have to let it go and every thing will be fine.

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Yes don't you think fear is the wrong feeling here?
that's why I just can't let it go... something tells me if it was love I'd throw myself into it and not look back, but all this thinking is not so much the love I've always dreamt of having.

Fear is in order, I think, .. it's logical, ... hurt and tears are very common, and we have nothing in our hands but to take a concious decision and pray god to enno yewaffa2na we yekremna weygeeb el 3awa2eb saleema.

Ya rab ywafa2na w yekremna w yegeeb el 3awa2eb saleema AMEEEEEN.
Yes, we have nothing in our hands except asking God that.
Thank you deeb for your entry, it did help.

beautiful words really

and the whole page is sooo nice

keep it up

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