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My 15 Favourites- UPDATE!

Better late than never! Tagged by Twosret and Nesrina, here it is... Thank you gurls for your interesting tag.
1- Purple. Anything purple quickly becomes my favourite.

2- Helping poor people (In my country, they are everywhere.) and getting physically/emotionally exhausted for them, even if they don't even thank me.

3- Ma2louba and Tabboula

4- Blogging. Reading other blogs and interacting with them is more fun to me than blogging on my own over here. :)

5- Giving Presentations

6- Going to my weekly Qur'aan lesson. We memorize so horribly it's hilarious!

7- Family gatherings.

8- Crazy Friend gatherings. esp if our friendship goes way back to the crazy times hehe!

9- Talking to the young woman who helps clean our house. Although she can't read or write, yet listening to her is even more valuable than 10 lectures at college. It's called "Life Education".

10- Shopping!

11- My sister's Cheesecake.

12- Speed Driving


13- Graphology. Yes it's true. I can discover your personality by just observing your handwriting!

14- When it rains in Cairo

15- Listening to Mashary Rashed. A Qur'aan reciter with the voice of an angel.


How can I forget my victims?
Enny Rahela

Nice list Jannah , but I dont beleive you don't like choclate and also you didn't mention the places you like to be , the Nile , the sea but any way it is intresting how you like to help people.

Where are the last three... :)
Helping poor people, I understand how draining that can be emotionally but it's very rewarding though... god bless you dear.
Thanks for taking the tag :)

ummmmm..nice list..I share with u some favourites ..helping poor ppl..reading other blogs..crazy Friend gatherings

"getting physically/emotionally exhausted for them".. that's hard jannah..I hate that feeling

presentations ya moftarya ;)..I HATE presentations..

shopping..if u mean clothes and stuff..well I used to enjoy it but not anymore..it's now more like doing a boring yet important and a MUST thing..

"My sister's Cheesecake"..hey I wanna try it ;)

LOL..It's funny how it's so hard for us to mention our favourits yet it's much easier to remember all those boring silly stuff we do..humans!!!

Hi Hechkok!

My sister's cheesecake has chocolate and strawberry dressing, with chocolate ice cream according to your wish hehe. Trust me I LOVE chocolate :):)

Nesrina, Thank you dear.

Eny Rahela,
habibty it's VERY HARD. walking through filthy streets, entering zero hygienic homes, and getting treated rudely in return, when you are here to help either financially or improve their health through advices, is NOT EASY. After walking miles and miles in the Cairo hot sun for long hours, by the end of the day I'm cramped, headached, and filled with joy. My home in my eyes becomes a castle, the clean air becomes something I want to hug, not to mention a glass of cold water. The world is mine. I have everything. They have nothing. Yet they are content and pleased, I am always asking for more. I self discipline myself by helping them from a close distance and the fact that it's all for thanking Allah has made it one of my favourite things.

Presentations hehe People always invite me to their events to give an interesting presentation to lift the audience's spirits up. I don't know how it started but now I can't run away loool

Nawarteeny ya rahela. and guess what... You're tagged!

thanks for your invitation jannah , but iam afraid that our mutual friend tagged me already from quite a while !!

but i was so lazy in responding to the tag, well, typical me :)

your beloved things are distinguished, not so common specialy GIVING PRESENTAIONS .

anyway , why dont you give us the things you hate.


Thank you for responding. speeding ya sha'ia :) the cleaning lady must be a wonderful woman.

I used to think tags are not fun to do but it does make your blog more human and reachable to people.

I will keep an eye on the last three :)

Thank you again

Jannah..I didn't know u r that involved in helping them..but it's really gr8..and the best part is that u don't wait or even want a "thank u"..God bless u..and very well said..I'm impressed

and about the tag..Thanx habebty alot..it's my 1st tag u know..although it's a bit hard u know bardo ;)..i'm gonna do it soon isA..take care

what a very nice design i like it so much

i'm impressed

The things I hate? Oh my God I think that an even harder list than my faves haha. I'll give it a try though :)

I'm glad you found them interesting :)

Enny Rahela,
waiting for your first tag results ya gameela

Thanks for your visit. Hope you did well in your exams!

Thank you :) I'm glad you liked them!

Well, respecting your blog, If i read one more post I am adding it to the daily to read list...

And well, I share with you some favorites, Taboula is one, and I love how you never manage to forget God or el Quran or religion...

Begad, Rabena yekremik, and did I tell you kol sana wenti tayeba??

Well anyways in Case not, Kol sana wenti tayeba...

You're so kind really!! :)

Welcome to my blog!

About not forgetting God, or the Quraan or Islam, I've tried so hard to deliberately remember them every day till I reached a point where it's not hard any more.

Eid mubarak, w kol sana w enta kaman tayyeb!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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