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Sometimes I wonder how could my love for every one fit inside a young heart as mine? and still keep on growing?

Because your young heart is much bigger than you think and it has a place for all this love.


zy ma 2al hechkok bezabt :D
nice blog ya m3lm

loving other ppl is a gift from God.. if you find yourself loving all those other ppl .. know that you are blessed .

Let me tell you a little story. My son adjusted very well to having a little sister. However there have been moments when he begged me to love him more than her. I gently explained to him that my heart and love for him did not shrink because of my heart and love for her; rather it only made my heart grow bigger and my love greater.

By the way, I like the new template.

You are blessed, You have a heart of gold. I have to agree with hechkok that your heart is much bigger.

Ok now you are on my blog roll :)

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