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and I'm back

Salam alaikom everyone!

It has been a while, over a month now. I hope I didn't worry any of you, every thing is fine. My dsl modem got broke so we took a little break till we bought the new one. Thanks my dear bloggy friends for asking about me when I was gone, I only saw your emails yesterday :) so forgive me for answering late.

Right now I'm so eager to catch up everything I missed on your blogs! I missed them so much!
So a litte while and I'll post about me... over a month wow!

see ya all soon!

Well I am the first to welcome you, I was worried, I gt bad thoughts when people just vanish.... Welcome back ya fandem... Glad to see you here again....

7amdella 3ala elsalama , I kept opening your blog every day to see any changes and today I saw the new post and was so happy, welcome back and I hope every thing is ok with you and your family, next time try to drop a line before leaving like this, waiting for your next post

heeey... welcome back ..

Hey Jannah..7amdella 3ala elsalama..missed ya awi ya benty..reading ur new post and ur comments made my day..yalla waiting for all ur news..we rabena yofa2ek fee elexamz InshaAllah

we alaykom al salam....
welcome back....
well ive been over ur blog for sometime and it looks kinda interesting to me....
god bless u...
and tc....

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7amdella 3ala elsalama, happy to be with us again..

Thank you for welcoming me back :):)

Hope everyone is well, Happy New Year's!

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