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They call it "coincidence"

Randomly, here are a few unintended situations that I have passed through during the past 2 weeks or less.

My downstairs neighbor was making a hell of a noise, me, already with my head pounding from a headache, couldn't study from the noise he was making ( He was bringing down a room with all the noisy metal devices people use to break walls with). So I automatically opened my window to take a look at what they're doing and this is what comes out of my mouth, " What are they smashing, may their heads get smashed?" ( Homa beykasaro eh Allah ykassar demaghhom!)... to my luck, my neighbor is standing right below my window and is looking up to see who has just said that in his face... I quickly close the curtains, I didn't know he was standing right there! I laugh my head off to my parents, my dad tells me he'll tell him it was my little sister who said that haha. The man (narrow-minded yes) confronts my father about what I said, my daddy laughs and tells him: 3eyal ya 3am ( They're just kids!).

I had an 8 a.m class, 8:20 I arrive with a dozen of other late sleepy folks. We enter the class to hear the Demonstrator shouting, screaming and in the worst mood ever. My friends and I on our way to our seat were talking (everyone was talking!), and... ( you know when suddenly the crowd goes silent at the exact time you're saying something real loud? been there? you're not alone...) "I hate it when people yell at 8 a.m, why not noon? noon is much better for yelling!!" and I add, " Battal ze3ee2 yabny!" (Son, quit yelling!) They all look back to where that confident- gonna-get-screwed voice is coming from! I, still standing, with all those eyes on me (including the yelling demonstrator who stopped to stare as well) simply smile at them...

To my misery, the man knows my name ( I don't know from where), and tells me that he'll make sure to delay his yelling to noon if only I'd come on time and pay attention to him and stop studying other subjects during his class!

"Yes, Dr." I smile again.
I do smile when embarrassed how can I help it?
From then on, till the end of the term, he would stop during class to check out what am I doing, and if the correct papers were infront of me, and if I had any questions.
My class (80 sth students) already want to kill me.

To my great fortune, before almost every exam, the chapters I revise are the ones that come in the exam, and those that I ignore don't come. ElHamdullellaaah, 7 more finals left till the end of the term... I hope Allah's mercy on my mind and memory would overflow on me, my colleagues and all those under the horrible stress of examinations.

After a few years of hiding my real age to the ones younger than me academically (but older than me by age), they found out, and now I have 2 younger guys who have a crush on me. Just what I wanted! Uff! One even wrote me a poem, put it in my books and ran. When will they grow up? I don't care if they're older by age, they ARE younger academically, and thus NO HOPE for them. Oh please, leave me alone!

welcome back to blogging Jannah, we missed your little funny stories, I laughed on your neighbor story it happens all the time once I through some water to his face and had to bring him flowers to apologize.
you reminded me of the best days in my life with the university and Doctors stories, I really miss these days try to enjoy them as much as you can.
It is so nice to be loved from people arround you it never annoyes to be loved and you will miss this feeling when you loose it so enjoy it and never complains, enjoy it and just say no.
Good luck with your exams.

Asallamu Alaikum sister Jannah,

I am a muslim sister from England, UK, and I much enjoyed reading your little stories (as I have endured similar curcumstances!)

In parts I couldn't help but smile :-)and in other parts sadness overtook me :-(

I am currently completing a degree in Psychology and Sociology, Insh Allah I will be starting voluntary work at a local psychiatric hospital which will give me invaluable experience, as I would like to venture into clinical Psychology:-)

I totally understand your exam anxiety :-S And the whole arranged marriage thing, it's such a big nightmare!!! :-s

You have inspired me to create my own blog page...when it is complete I would love for you to read it Insh Allah :-)

Take care, Allah Hafiz

Nur :-)

Flowers, how SWEEEET Hechkok :):)

I've only a few months in college left, so I'll do my best to enjoy those last days. Thing is, my major is Pharmacy, real HARD & leaves us seldom any time to have fun! I'm glad I managed to see humor whilst under the stress of exams...

About the guys, oh I'm sure it's not LOVE as in love you know... probably just a crush or sth, inshAllah they'll forget about it soon :)

Dear sister Nur :)

Your comment has enlightened me so much, I can't help but blush at your lovely words!

Clinical Psychology... Wow masha'Allah! I reckon it's a VERY interesting field, Nur, and I can't wait to read about your experience in it :)

It was a pleasure to be the first to visit your new profile, insha'Allah I will wait till it's complete and read your blog.

The fact that I inspired you to start a blog, is a gift from Allah that I must thank Him for. I always fear the impact of my words on people, if I will lead them to the good or the bad? May Allah protect us from misleading anyone and grant us the gift of helping everyone. Amen

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