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To "Dhany" or not to "Dhany"?

As for me... I just eat macaroni & meat sauce + salad! No Dhany, Kersha, Moza or Kaware3 for moi!! hehe... I'll just enjoy watching the rest of the family eat the Lovely Fatta & declare how yummy it tastes and how it's about time for me to start eating it & all that. Haha okay probably next year :) :)

Happy Eid everyone... may this Eid be a start of happiness to all muslims around the world. May it bring peace to our hearts, love to the poor, forgiveness to all those who harmed us setting us free, letting us move on leading better lives. I wish for peace here, there and everywhere!

I'm smiling now... please SMILE while reading this... and everyone else who smiles along with us will join in our little smiling circle! So let's all SMIIIIIIIIILE & forget the future, the past and the present... SMILE & let go... PLEASE let go, free yourself, join in with us and simply SMIIIIILEEE :D:D:D

Oh & don't forget to tell me... What'll you eat this Eid? Dhany: With or against?:D

See Ya!!!

happy eid to you too:)

Dhany ofcourse!! are you kidding me?
liver for breakfast and all fatta for lunch...eid won't be complete without them, haha..

yalla, have a nice day.

Dhany dhany dhany , all day long but we have a similar team in our familly you can join them their poor meals.

Happy Eid to u too sweetie..

Jannah..I'm smiling too..and trying to forget everything..but unfortunately can't forget studying for my examz :(

Thank God..at last I found some1 who hates eating Dhany just like me..not even the meat sauce..I even can't bear the smell..yeah I know it's abnormal..just can't help it..

Yeah..next year InshaAllah..3asham ebles fee elganah..hehehehe

Still Smiling ;)

Thanks for your Eid wishes.

Haha, hope you had a deliciously Dhany day (DDD!) :D

Oh please connect me to that poor team, it's lonely here with all the family telling me: Enty aslek msh betefhamy fel akl... & Ma3andekeesh el mazaak el 3aly fel akl.... LOOOL

Just tell your team, they're not alone haha.. and Happy Eid to you too!


UUUH the smelllll... don't remind me!

I'm taking a few days break before going back to the book world :) Try taking a break too deary...

See yaaa

Happy Eid sis, and no I haven't eaten any Dhanies lol..nor Fatta, I live alone so I managed to cook some "very usual" rice with a deliciously delicious meat steak :D..

Dhany NO NO NO, againist tab3an, but el fatta is something else:)

Happy eid and happy new year..smiles;)

Welcome here & I hope you don't get lost in my scribbles!
Delicous meal you got there mashAllah :) Must you know that I am a horrible cook and I've never had the luxury of cooking something deliciously delicious for myself :D:D

Eid Mubarak brother.

Engy :):)

Ahlan beeky! do you think we'll win in this Dhany no Dhany war against the "Dhany Praising" guys? HAHA Jk...

Eid Mubarak :) & enjoy the lovely Fatta !

Oh and thanks for the smiles :):)

Dhany ... no way..
no meat in general... no fatta...

i'd stick to macaroni...or cheese even... if i have to!!

el 3eed dah beyeegy 3alaya b khosara.. za7ma w dawsha w goo3 kaman!!!

happy eid :):)

Myself, kofta was and stake were the dishes of the first days of 3eed.. the same applied to the days later..

Dhany is beyond my stomach's ability to bear! It was too fatty.. I ate it once since a two decades and the result was suck!

Regular meat is lighter and very better to people like me..Stake is the best since it has the least proportion of fat..

Happy 3eeed after few days of its end..:)

Wallahi love you fy Allah..

Maat :) Haha... made me laugh there lol! Thanks for passing by!

قلم جاف,
The first guy to NOT prefer Dhany over everything! Healthwise, Dhany every Eid ain't that harmful but I do applause you for your healthy choices :)

You have the same 1st & second name of a very dear friend of mine SubhanAllah :)... May Allah love you for the sake of your heart that has loved me in Allah :):) (A7abaky alathy a7babteeny feeh)...

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