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His Proposal

Just 8 days after my post " Here she goes again" he proposed!

I was in the lab, it was a final practical exam, and being there 6 hours early to study, I was a complete wreck! As usual, when I'm tired I get dizzy, so I wanted to get this exam over with, and LEAVE!
After I was done with the exam (from 1 to 3 p.m), my friend M. and I were walking lazily in the hall looking for the water stand... we were dead thirsty. So I'm coming towards the end of the hall, and I see him standing there, talking on the phone and looking at me.
I was thinking OOOOH MYYYYY GOOODDDDDD... this is NOT happening!
M notices him and tells me
heeeeeeeeyyyy did you see how he looked at you?".
Me: "yea whatever, who is crazy enough to look at me at the moment."
M: AAAAWWWW come on you know you are pretty at all times!
Me: No i'm not! You need glasses!
M: Jannah, matzabaty ba2a (hook up with him), he looks so good!
Me: I don't play those games you know that. makansh da ba2a el7aal. (i.e. I would have been engaged by now if I knew how to! Hamdulellah that is an art I know nothing of!)
M laughs and says: I'm not worried about you. I know Allah will make you happy.

We come back from the same route to get our stuff, and he stops me there. Since my sister was a few steps away, I didn't feel very trapped. M was also very near, looking for our things.

Him: You walked by me, am I transparent?
(He knows I walk past all guys I know, they are all transparent, so I guess he was just starting a conversation)
Me: oh well, we were looking for sth.
He asked about the exam, and said sth about finishing work early at Tayaran St. so he thought he'd pass by. I don't know where Tayaran St. is(which is very popular) and he jokes about how I'm so much like B. his sister, who also never memorizes streets!
Me: Yes, I'm always lost out there.
He: Then how do you manage?
Me: Oh I ask strangers and they always help out haha.

He: did you think about the topic I told you about last week? (when he said it's about a suitor, and I refused to meet him).
Me: No, there was nothing to think about.
He: el3abd leAllah 3ayez yet2adem le7adretek. (Allah's slave wants to propose to you)

I loved how he lowered his eyes and said this, and how he said "Allah's slave" instead of I. I didn't know that a guy with an outgoing personality as his could be very humble and shy! I can't express how I felt at that moment... I was blushing like crazy and I knew that my uneasiness showed! was very embarrassed and didn't know what to say. He waited, and all I gave him was another awkward pause, a look the other way... and then I said:

"Hold on, you can talk to my sister"

haha... we laugh alot when recalling this situation.

So I called her , and when she came, all I could say was: el3abd leAllah. etfadaly. (Allah's slave. Go ahead). She pretended not to understand, but being my sister I knew she understood well exactly what just happened. I thank Allah that in this situation I had my sister around to stand by me, and not anyone else.

They talked and talked. and at first I was leaving, then she held on to me, and said: You have to be here.
All the time I wouldn't look at any of them, and he kept on saying: Does she hate me that much! My sister would laugh and say: No she's just surprised!. She cleverly shifted the conversation about her fiance, then about his work... then he shifted it back to if it's ok to call my father. She joked about not knowing our dad's number, to see if he's really serious, and when he panicked (thinking this is a polite refusal), she said: no no I have it of course, here it is... (haha)

That whole conversation took about an hour.

Next day he called daddy. and they met the day after that, on a Tuesday.
Daddy came home looking very pleased, which is not his usual when it comes to suiters. He looked VERY PLEASED!

Last Friday, his father called daddy, and the 3 of them met. Now daddy likes his father too!
And I, during the past few weeks, have been praying so much estekhara, every day, and saying duaa in every sojood... I do hope things would go well. He's so good. A real man mashAllah. The good sign is my dad's approval, which is very unusual, he's always not liking the fact that suitors come. He gave my sister's fiance a hard time over his jealousy. But elhamdullellah... I hope things go smoothly from now on.

Now everyone is waiting for 2 things: 1- My exams to end... 2- My approval.
When daddy asked me when will you agree? I said, when I sit with him first. I have some questions. Will prolly discuss them here first before meeting him.

but until then... pray for me PULLEEEZZZ. May Allah choose what's best for all of us girls who have tried hard, and went through so much jihad to please Allah and to stay pure, soul and body, until the right man comes.
P.S. I chose a leaf with raindrops on it... coz it reflected life so much... like at times we are like a dried leaf, then we pray so much... and that same leaf finds water and becomes alive again. The raindrops look so recent and fresh... the leaves haven't absorbed them yet... they need time, becoz they weren't used to the beautiful rain... they can't blend now, although they can't wait... but they need time.


alf mabrook ya jannah we rabbena yetammem bekheer isA. i'm really so happy for you, he seems like a very decent guy.

keep us up to date with the details, ok?

Congrats :) I don't know how to say much in these situations, more of awkward, sad, depressing moments kind of person, so congrats and i am really happy for ya...

I've been busy lately not checking ur blog.. (yes i'm one of those scilent readers)

however, my eyes caught this entery today by chance keda..
and jannah gota tell you.. this world is really strange!
see.... the one who never thought she'd ever live one fairy tales, is the 1st to.. and the one who faught to ever have a chance never does!

look girl... from what i knew...
if u found almost 70% of what you want in your man in him.. then go for it...
never ever listen to those who'd say "wait for the right person"... believe me.. (and its not for marrying keda w 5alas, bas for real)... good guys became very rare... mmm.... just go for it if you feel you are into it, and never hesitate...

wish you all the lucks in the world... he seems really liking you :)

and ah jannah before i forget..
one advise from a sister to you (if you allow me please :) )
however, if you really care about that issue.. then please keep it as ur precious secret :)
don't go around and say it to every one.. till its done 5alas..
i mean.. just keep it safe for you 7abebti.....
i know, i am before people here are dying to know details.. however one can never know whats in "nefos el nas"...

w rabna ytamem lak b 5eer isA.. amen ya Rab


congratulations :)
wishing you the right choice .

mmm...dunno why but im touched....
wallahy i wish u all the best..coz u deserve all the best wallahy
take care ...
luv u...

isa 7'air .. a7'ir mara 2arit post a 3mlt comment it was about ur sis groom LOL .. bye


Ya 3am ya 3am :)

Well, congratulations "real men" are a very rare finding nowadays.Rabena ye3mellik elli feeh el7'eir w yerdeeki beeh isA! :)

Lasto-adri *Blue*
Dunia's Stranger

:):):) Thank you all SO MUCH for your comments, knowing I'm not alone in this, and that you'd all feel happy for me is such a lovely blessing...may you all be given what you've been wishing for. Ameen :)

Dearest Lasto-Adri,
I followed your advice, and didn't tell anyone, except for M. who witnessed it.

My sister totally agreed, and now noone knows anything, until like you said it's is done inshAllah.

:) and I'll follow ur 1st advice too, I won't demand more than 70%, that's good enough if he has a good heart.

Pray for me, only a few days left.

thanks bro :) inshAllah you'll all be the first to know everything :D

Oh COME ON, you're not a sad depressing moments person!! I love your sense of humour, and well when you write sad stuff, I do know that you'll get yourself out of it, coz somehow I can read strength between the lines :)

To everyone else, thank you again for passing by and dropping me your wishes :)

rabena yetemlek 3la 7'eer isA ... I'm really happy for u , I love to read such beautiful moments , makes me linger to what was ;) .... wishing u happiness all along ..alf alf mabrook moqadaman.

Dear Rain
welcome to my blog sister :) Very thankful to you for your lovely feelings, and AMEEN to your prayers... Ya Rab!
Will be back soon with an update inshAllah :)

you can never imagine how happy I am for you, I sense something good from your words and In sha2 Allah it will be good for you both.
If you accept to hear anything from me it , leave it totally to god and things will go according to his will, you will find everything is going smoothly and easy on your heart and soul and you will feel as if a higher hand is pushing things to go to its beautifull end or you will face lots of difficulties and you will feel the contrary so don't worry you will know eventually are you on the right track or no.
I wish you all the happiness in the world and I am with "Blue" in her advice , take care.

rabena yekatar men amsalek
ya raaaaab

I loved your entry!!! Thank you so much bro, I wish you love & happiness too, and don't worry, Blue's advice is still on till now :)

When I changed PC's I kept on searching for your blog but never found it for months now! Glad I finally did!

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