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Those things you don't know about me

Tagged by Greyscale
Five things you DON'T know about me:
Here they are :)

1- I wear a long hijab. Some are colored & designed, some aren't, depending on how they match the outfit. I started wearing them like over a year ago... and I've loved them ever since elhamdullelah!!

2- I have a dimple on just one cheek. Haha.

3- I'm Half Palestinian. Never been there. Nor can I speak their accent, yet every time a pure Egyptian hears my pure Egyptian accent (well that's what I thought), they go like , " Are you Shameyya? Umm... you look and sound like one." My accent didn't turn out as wholy Egyptian as I thought nope.

4- Ok this one's a secret... I slide on stairway bars when there's no one around at college! Weeeeeeeee!! Never been caught! Rabena Yostor!

5- And this is quite recent; I fainted last wednesday!

Them victims:
Salateeno is getting married (pray for him), so he won't take this one.
Enny Rahela
Hechkok, Oops I'm late, he's already been tagged!
Fadfadation, ( a break amidst his political views)
and her sister: SempliceMente90

Thank you Greyscale!

LOL..that "sliding on the stairway bars" thing, aywa rabbena yostor, bs mesh 3ashan m7adesh yshoofek!..rabbena yostor 3aleki w mato2a3eesh !!!

You were tagged by me too ya jannah, bas I am glad u took it and shared with us ur cute secrets :D

1- I already guessed that.
2- I am sure it is unique and cute.
3- Never felt so I would have bet you are a pure egyptian and still feel so any way you are not half egyptian you are a whole egyptian by the sole if that is a good thing ;)
4- I will tell all people about you and you will be caught soon :)
5- ......................

hope you are ok with my comments and I am not bothering you.

Loved them...gamda moot

"I wear a long hijab"
I expected this..u know..I have the feeling that u look like "Hala Sheeha" after wearing hijab..remember her when reading ur blog..

"I slide on stairway bars when there's no one around at college"
LOOOL..rabena yostor fe3lan...but how u do it aslan???...seems hard espically for grown ups

"I fainted last wednesday!"
oops..alf salama 3aleeky..but why???

Thanx alot dear for the tag..I'll do it soon InshaAllah..

still laughing :D

HAHAHA Solitude... Rabena yostor w ma2o3sh fe3lan, u should try it it's thrilling!! :):)

Nesrina :) Thanks for the tag ya gameela.. and I loved your secrets, they were surprises!

Thank you!!
1- I'm glad :)
2- & weird too haha
3- Thanks... masr heya elly fel 2alb
4- Oh please, not after all those years!
Your comments always make me feel better Hechkok, they never bothers me!

Enny Rahela,
Welcome back! I hope you did well in your exams dear... they were rough to all of us. Wishing you great results this year inshAllah :)

Hala sheeha looks so pretty in her Hijab mashAllah, how lovely of me to look like her! (Umm... I don't haha)

The sliding, it seems hard yes, I'm tall too, but I've been sliding down stairway bars since childhood, so it's now more embarrassing than dangerous haha.

The day I fainted was the day before my last final exam. I guess I was physically drained.Plus I jumped out of bed startled because I missed fajr prayer, after 5 minutes I was unconcious. My Blood pressure fell low coz of sudden action after waking up! Oh well.. elhamdolellah...it passed and I'm great now :)

lol... a break from his political views :)

Thanks for that... i needed a change.

Salamtek sweety.. Ajr wa afyah inshaAllah..

I'll do it inshaAllah.. First tag ever!

PS. Is jannah your real name?

I love your political views and totally agree with them. I talk about politics at home & school but never write about it. I guess my break is here lol. Keep writing, we're listening.

Glad to be the first to tag you lol :) Allah y3afeeky thanks... I just hope the grades are worth it in the end.
Nope, Jannah is not my real name. But it'll be the name of my first daughter inshAllah hehe.

Great choice ;) Amen.

I will start with no. 5: Alf Salama 3aleeki ya fandem...

and then well I do the sliding thing where I live in Cairo and I am almost 26, haven't been there in a year though...

3. That's new...

2. we have that in common, i have it on my right cheek...

1. It is great knowing that... May God help you achieve the best levels of religiosity...

And well hope you are doing fine....

thanks for responding to the tag, Jannah:)

i hope you're feeling better after the faint...did you find out what caused it by the way? malnutrition? fatigue?

-Allah ysalemak, thank you.
-I have the dimple on my right cheek too! haha
-26 and still sliding? I salute you for that!
-Thank you, may Allah help us all.

I do hope you're fine too, I'm wondering what's wrong with your blog, it gives me an error everytime I try opening it:

"We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group

You're welcome :)
I didn't call a doctor, but I concluded it was malnutrition, fatigue, and postural hypotension (Blood pressure lowered coz I got out of bed suddenly)... I am really fine now hamdullah, it was only then that I was tired.

Just refresh it a couple of times and it will be fine, something is wrong with blogger in general today...

Anyways alf salama 3aleeki mara tanya :)...

Alf salama 3aleeki..el7amdoleAllah..gat saleema..

BTW..I've just tagged u..check it out ;)

I have one dimple too, and I faint quite a lot too:)
Hope you are better now.

sooo cute...
the sliding thing....
i alwaaaaaaaaaaaaays do it....
;)...btw....u were sooo rite when u said we r somehow alike...
love ya sweety....
isa isa isa....
next time when i come down to egypt...
we will have to meet...
tc sweety...bbyezz

the first thing to face after a honeymoon holiday , is a Tag :)

this one in particular may lead to my divorce (she reads my blog) !

but i will try to answer the tag with the least injuries :)

thank you for this tag , and for the rememberance , dear Jannah .

My little secret...I am a mutt. Mostly Norweigan and Hungarian but also Austrian, Swiss, German, Danish, English along with a few other bloodlines as well. Some long forgotten.

Enny Rahela,
Thanks hun :) I'll take the tag in a little while isA.

So that makes 3 of us now with only one dimple :) (you, me and GBK)... weird yet cute I'm sure.

Greatttt so we can slide together LOOOL

Wow you're back! Hope you had the best honeymoon ever, and send my hi's and hellos to the lovely bride :):)
Waiting for your very carefully chosen tag LOL. Welcome back!

Hello there :) Your family history goes waaaaay back, & from lots of places wow! Interesting secret, thanks for sharing it

Salamu alaiky wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu..
Hope your doing fine deary :)
Regarding number one, I'd like to share this with you:
All you need is 01:33:30.0.. Almost an hour and a half..
Hope you get to hear it out.. I love it!
Luv u fi Allah :)

By the way, if you get a chance, try to find his masjid and go there.. Masjid sheikh Jabir.. It's somewhere in "ma'aadi gededa"..

as a matter of fact,this post included a lot of surpises to me at least..

especially parts 3,4!

wa alekom elsalam wr wb
Thanks for the link, I did hear it all but I wouldn't really go all the way to maadi you know. I already go to a nearby masjid every week, Sheikh Mostafa Hosni's lesson, and it helps me alot.
Honestly, I don't really listen to sheikhs who tell me not to have my own income, or my own business, and who swear by Allah that if my face isn't covered then I'm not even accepted... It is no one's place to judge who Allah has accepted and who hasn't.
I have lots of niqabee friends, one is my best friend, and they never speak like that, may Allah reward them for their jehad. We all know there is an ekhtelaf in this issue, so elhamdullellah women are free to follow their hearts and their scholars in this. I have a pretty face, but it is my face, it is how Allah created it elhamdullelah and since I put no make up at all when out, then I am not calling for anyone to look at me.
Jazaky Allah khayran for the lesson, I did learn other things from it and if you have others I don't mind listening to them at all :)
Love you in Allah too deary.
Your sister,

Alam gaf,
I guess we all have a few surprises inside of us lol! Thanks for passing by :)

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