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The Wheels on the Bus Go...

That's where I've been going for the last 5 years. Round and Round.... round and round... It's like after each term you could ask me: So where are you going? I'd say: Back to where I started! Back & Forth... back & forth with the only thing actually changing is me getting older! Which was the best part of it all... the fact that less & less years were left for me to graduate was a very far but extremely happy thought. Girls used to say to me: OOOHHH we don't believe we're growing up... we're graduating... we're gonna be BIG girls... I have no idea how they found that irritating while I found it really coooool!

So now I graduated, guess I'm ready to be a big girl, though I'm still as childish as ever, easily excited, fun-loving, tearful in a minute, laughing the minute after.. OMG and is that what you call ready to be a big girl? Problem 1 identified... Me is not a big girl.

Okay, I'll rephrase... I'm just the same... exactly the same , what's new is I graduated! Ooops... and when will I ever change???When will I lose my eeeew-it's-a-cockroach-personality? Now problem 2 is identified! so me is just ME,, which is not a problem, it's a good thing! Problem 2 vanished yooohooo!

That's fine... it's okay if I'm not a big girl... it's fun being here on this non-big girl side of life. Isn't the other side just plainly boring? I don't wanna change that part of me coz it's a huge part of who I am... and it's a miracle that I got into college & out, without that changing. (By "That" I mean many things, partly: the jumping up & down, the laughs straight from the heart, the I love my mommy, the no I will not touch a raw chicken, the every happy thing has its own dance, the koochy noochy kamalootchy whenever I see a cute baby.......... okay okay I'll stop it!! HAHA) so where was I? yes, I'm making myself feel better that I am in no need to change myself if I'm managing to study, work, have tons of friends with me being me. I should feel satisfied and thank Allah that its those little things that bother me sometimes, not the big things like hatred, jealousy, constant comparisons... and others that would take YEARS to handle. elHamdulellaah :)

I am happy. For every reason that I could think of. Here a few happy thoughts (try this.. it works like magic!)
**being able to read Quraan,
**supporting my mother in everything & constantly hearing her duaa for me "Allah yeg3alek men el mos3adeen", I don't what "mos3adeen" means, but I guess she's saying, may Allah make you happy.
** making both my sisters (little one and big one) happy whenever I can.
**graduating... finally!!!!!!!!
**eating lots of fruits & vegetables... grape juice every day, carrot juice (tastes horrible but I force myself to drink it!) every 2-3 days...
**My clothes are so colorful, they give me joy!
**driving whenever I want to. I just turn the engine on... and ....I'm off!
**mr charming who has just come into my life when I didn't expect a thing!!! I'm still surprised... didn't say my YES yet... theyre all still waiting, I'm still thinking.... there's nothing yet, but the thought of him makes me happy! Pray for me, everyone out there :)

There's just one sad thing though, I've been missing Fajr prayer for 2 days now... which got to me so much, but I just brushed it off, and felt like "Try again tomorrow!"

& till I see you all again... let's pause at "never never never never GIVE UP!!!" :):)

Habebet alby..

Wallahi habebty khales ya Jannah..

You know, I've been checking your blog frequently lately, dying to know what happened with Mr Mr.. And here you are..

Habebty, before anything, make sure his fear of Allah subahanahu wata'ala is going through his veins..

Missy, inshaAllah if I come to masr this summer or any other time, I'm meeting you.. InshaAllah :)

I love you fiAllah..

Alaa (sis), loves you too.. We remember you every now and then before sleeping at night.. Not kidding ;)

Rabinna ma'akom..

I'll pray for you & you do the same please..

I pray that whenever you visit my bloggy or I visit yours, all we'd find would be khair.. Amen.

Love alwaaaaaaaaaaays :)

Mr. Charming, and you didn't give your answer yet, did you see the inconsistency as you wrote it too, or should women always make it so hard and view it as normal :P

Anyways, mabrook and wish you the best....

hey, me n my friend are opening a compeny called Scribbling Minds and we were surprised to find someone with a blog by the same name started 2 years before our venture. now i don't see you posting anymore so maybe we are just inheriting the legacy of your wisdom and as you said in one of your posts....
"Whenever I write something here, an issue that's on my mind, or something that's bothering me, after a few days it gets solved. It's like that someone somewhere who reads, connects and prays for me, makes a difference. A real difference, subhan Allah! I've sensed it, more than once, that when I write here, things get better afterwards elhamdullellah... Although we're all complete strangers, but our hearts are connected by Allah...

Our hopes for each other cross our ever strange bridges... It's amazing"

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