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Problems disappearing

There's something weird about this blog. No seriously! Whenever I write something here, an issue that's on my mind, or something that's bothering me, after a few days it gets solved. It's like that someone somewhere who reads, connects and prays for me, makes a difference. A real difference, subhan Allah! I've sensed it, more than once, that when I write here, things get better afterwards elhamdullellah... Although we're all complete strangers, but our hearts are connected by Allah...

Our hopes for eachother cross our ever strange bridges... It's amazing, I think of it like Allah's miracle... when I get affected by certain bloggers, get upset when they're down, and get happy when they're doing fine... then I pray for them, knowing they cannot hear me, they don't know anything, but Allah SWT hears, Allah knows.

I remember, when one of the bloggers got a new job, I was thrilled, excited, wishing him all the best. Or when another one went to Hajj this year and came back with a different spirit, I was so happy and couldn't hide it. When a blogger's husband lied to her about things, and didn't tell her about his other wife, she wrote, I was hurt, I wanted to hug her, and tell her screw him, I couldn't bare reading how hurt she was, she is now at peace with her herself (hopefully), I am too. Another blogger who is engaged, writes alot about his lovely feelings with his fiance, I'm always pleased at his blog, wishing him a happy life. And another who has just got married, I was happy too, and prayed for him.

- Those having exams, may they pass with flying colors.
- Those hunting for jobs, may they find an even better option that what they were looking for.
- Those depressed, may their depression get lifted off their chest & their smile returned to it's place :)
- Those confused, ,may their confusion end.
-Those wishing for true love, may they find it.
-Those needing money, may Allah SWT open all the doors that will help them live comfortably.
- Those waiting, may their waiting stop.
-Those wishing for children, may Allah bless them with children.
-Those who have children, may they live to see them the happiest.
it goes on & on & on... it never ends... that connection :)

I wrote this post to thank you all... every reader, and every blogger I visit... for the difference you have made to me... you may choose to share, or you may not... but the connection remains.

C ya soon, everyone!

Lots of love,
Assalam alaykum

wut a such a gr8 sweet post :D

jannah u r gr8 :)))
bgd .... this post is full of happiness &love 4 everybody .... & 4 ppl u `ve never met
thnx 4 everything :D

PS : ya reet 2akoon men elnas elly bted3elhom :D

Some bloggers write things that would somehow delude other people and get them off track from what's important and what's right. Other bloggers, I suppose can connect in a way that can only be set by Allah. Allahoma emna7na jamee3an wa la tamta7enna.. wahdena wasref 3anna sharr al bala2 warzoqna khayra al donya wa thawab al akhera.. wajma3na fe na3eem jannatak ya Rab al 3alameen.

How wonderful your post is, and I am so glad your problems get solved when you write about them.
Thanks for your wishes, sympathy and prayer, May Allah reward you for your kindness with 7'eir Jaza2.

For me I get comfotable to write about my life and share some pieces of it with my blogers friends whom I don't personaly know but I always thought i know their hearts.
You made it like a carring comunity which pleases me a lot. I hope you meant Me by :"Another blogger who is engaged, writes alot about his lovely feelings with his fiance, I'm always pleased at his blog"
if yes I am honored that my blogg pleases you.

heyy Jannah

lovely lovely post. i am happy that you are blessed with finding solutions to life obstacles by bloggging your thoughts. that's utterly wonderful.

wish u all the best & keep on bloggin

Awwww !
lol that was very kind !..well that's supposedly Al Bonyan Al Marsus..
That's literally what is meant by "Brothers/Sisters in Islam"...he's your bro although you've never met, she's your sis, yet you have no idea what her real name is, but you sympathize with her in sad times..
I wish you (and every other blogger) best..and insha' Allah we're gonna meet in better places, in Firdouce hopefully !!

Slmz Sister, i came across your blog and i read this entry. Its so beautiful. Its right what solitude said.These people are your Brothers and Sisters and all of us are connected in some way. Inshallah Allah hears ur duas. Remember me in ur duas

Thanks Jannah, I can see myself in the post, you are great dude, and I guess everyone feels the same for you.... I wish you the best as usual...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling the d'ua of others, I do too. It is special because we are strangers in so many ways and yet close in others.
Salams Jamila



You're it!

I'm glad the love and happiness got to you :)
and of course, enta men elnas elly bad3elhom!

What an amazing Duaa! Whenever I worry about the future I say that duaa... Oh Allah, give me all what's good in this life & the hereafter and protect me from all the bad/evil in this life & hereafter. how soothing subhanAllah!

Thanks dear sis, may Allah reward you too & choose what's best for you always.

Yep that was you.

I am happy that you're happy lol! welcome to my blog sis.

ya Allah, what can I say? I said a huge AMEN when I read your comment... may Allah reward us with Paradise...and let us all meet there isA. ameen.

Thank you anjum for passing by and leaving me a word to remember. Allah is hearing all our duaa's, remember me in yours. :) wa salam.

Thanks bro. Right back at ya. :)

Yes sister, that's precisely what I meant :) you expressed it so clearly.

Fadfadation & Sara...
Haven't seen the tags yet, but will very soon. Thanks guys!

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