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My Fairytale...

Although I already know him very well, yet I insisted on meeting him 3 whole times before giving him my YES. This is no "YES I'll have a drink", not an "OKAY you can take this" nor is it a "AHA whatever prolly next time!" LOL!

it's more of a
"YES I agree to being your life long partner",

a "YES to love you no matter what",

"YES to forgive you, to support you, to respect your presence & ur absence.... to trust you with my heart, and know that you will not break it, that you will cherish it & help me become a better person... all the way... "

" YES I want to pray with you... YES I want to go to Jannah with you...YES YES YES!!!!"

So, my friends, this was no easy YES to me..... it took so many istekharaaas for me to finally get the courage to say it.... and then when I finally did... after 2 months & a half from his proposal... it was our FATIHA.

Both families gathered, it was supposedly a normal gathering, where they would decide when to meet again & read the fatiha for our engagement. Then suddenly after 2 hours of family normal & fun stuff talk, his father stood up, took my father and told him I want you aside!!!I felt a little lump in my throat... I knew what his father was going to do, but it surprised me, how he did it! So politely, yet so eager... it made me feel like a gem, like he's saying let's not wait a minute longer... His father understood his son well, he knew that he's been patient enough!!! I've driven him mad already with my over a month after exams to give him my YES... After a while they both came, happy with their agreements, and his father announced that "it's an honour to propose to Jannah & ask her hand for our son.... it would make us most happy if we'd read the FATIHA, & may Allah bless them & grant them happiness."

That was it. Everyone hugged & kissed. I watched while his mother took him in her arms, it was very heart touching to me. Although she is giving him away to me, yet in my mind, deep down, that scene touched me, and I never want to stand in between that hug of theirs. I felt so happy, how his mother & both his sisters love him so much... & now they love me too. When his mother hugged me, she didnt want to let go, she almost cried out of happiness & I almost cried out of shyness! The next day his sister told me, "I believe noone loves my brother like I do, I thought I'd be jealous, but I love you so much, I want you to take him & I don't mind. He's all yours! " LOL It was so awkward to me... I'm still surprised at it all... so her words were so far away to me, like HUH, me? take who? & all I could say was "Hell no, I'm not taking him!!! we're all gonna be a big family, everyone a big part of the other's life".

Oh..so why did I write this post in the first place?

Yes... it was about my Fairytale :)

I remember, last year on this blog I said sth about my marriage dream, I wrote that I wish he'd love me at first sight, and keep it inside him till it's the right time to propose... I would be like his water after a long thirst, someone who he has to wait & work... in order to get my father into considering him a good suiter & agreeing. I believed that it is childish & unrealistic... that it may not come true but the thought of it was very romantic to me... SubhanAllah..... I am absolutely surprised & thankful to say that my little fairytale came true!!! He told me he wanted me before he ever even started talking to me... which was 2 years ago... & that he had to wait, and beared almost a year of finding jobs, & when he got a stable job he took his step... I do not know what to say... I didn't pray or ask for my fairytale to come true... I just found joy in it... as a thought in my unrealistic head... the fact that it DID come true makes me speechless... VERY THANKFUL.. elHamdullaaah!!!

Here are my words... November 2006 Inner Clutter:

I always tried to ignore my silent refusal of an arranged marriage with my other loud thought that it's all destiny, be it arranged or not. Most arranged marriages have- until now- succeeded. and most love stories have failed. Yet deep inside, my vision of my future husband is someone who loved me and hoped for me to be his wife, and when the circumstances became suitable, he came and proposed. Someone who kept it inside him until it was the right time for him to propose. I, on the other hand, would love or like him too and his proposal would be like a dream come true to me. LOOOOOOOOOL, honestly the last paragraph is hilarious, my vision is possible, but very unrealistic. My mother swears that I'm the most unrealistic person she every saw and links it to romance, that most romantic people are unrealistic. I then would quarrel back (each and everytime), "Mama, I'm not romantic and definitely not unrealistic!!!!"...

Congratulations... I am very happy for you, and I wish you the best in your future life...

May you be a good wife for him, and may he be a good husband for you and may all your dreams come true...

And most importantly may your words 'Go to Jannah together' be the first to be fulfilled of your wishes...

So congrats, and keep dreaming, apparently it does work :D

Enty ya bint, would you please e-mail me? I don't have your e-mail address.. Mine is saramhamdy@hotmail.com


alf mabrook ya jannah!

rabbena yetammem bekheir isa.

Sincere congratulations sweets... :) Rabena ye3mellek elli feeh el7'eir dayman w rabena yeqawii emanko ento el etnein sawa! :)

Dear Jannah...I'm soooooooo happy for u...God bless u both and bless this marriage...wish ya best of luck....


yaaah...a7'eeran u said yesss :D
I 'm sure now there's no turning back, no? :P

Rabena ys3edek ya rab...u know i always find wishes that come ture that u never planned it nor prayed or worked very hard to it are the best... it's like somebody gave u a gift to make u happy without an occasion.

yes surprisingly it did work! I do wish you all the best too bro, may you happy and find your other half when Allah yreed isA :) Thanks bro!

your last comment (on my previous post) was delighting:))) i don't know what did I do to deserve both you & your lovely sister's love :))) I ask Allah to always keep that connection between us, our secret duaa's to eachother...the heart-to-heart wishes even if we don't know eachother at all!
I will email you Sara inshAllah & give a huge salam to your sista:)

Thank you bro! Allah ybarek feeeeeeek :)

Thaaaaaanks ya gameeela, rabena y2awey 2eemanna koleeeenaaa w y3enna 3ala elta3a dayman :) ameen

Enny Rahela,
really is that youuu????? I've missed u so much girl! Congrats for finally graduating :) & thaaaanks for your wishes, may Allah bless us in every step of our way.

Oh rain, I guess you did grasp why I took so long in giving him my YES... dana kont 2ala2!!! I do hope there's no turning back, hoping it would go on like this, as smooth as it started :) ya rab!
Take care of ur lil angel, and give her a huge kiss from me :)

words won't ever express my true happiness for you.
Congratulations from all my heart you deserve the best in life and I wish you a very very happy life.

I wonder where you are?!

Jannah! i thought u had stopped blogging. That's why i haven't visited in such a long time. Subhanallah! what a lovely story. I'm so happy for you sweety. May Allah bless your marriage. And omigosh-i have the same dream. Everybody also tells me i'm being unrealistic, but alham,your dream came true so i'll hold on to mine:-)

I also thought you quit blogging. It's been months since this was posted. Have you quit? Did this fairytale really happen? Are you getting or have you already gotten married? In any case I wish you a lifetime of happiness and a harmonious relationship with your husband. Best wishes.

Where have you been, it's been a while .

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